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Third-Party Liability Claims

Identifying the Responsible Parties

Providers routinely struggle when seeking compensation for services rendered as a result of Motor Vehicle Accidents (MVAs) and Third-Party Liability claims (TPLs). It is time-consuming and difficult to assess where liability may lie.

Abril Law utilizes state-of-the-art technology to identify responsible payors at the preliminary stages of the revenue cycle. We assist the provider or facility in filing all applicable liens to ensure that the proceeds of any settlement will be subject to the provider charges. If a validly recorded lien is impaired, or otherwise ignored by the settling entities, Abril Law will initiate a lawsuit against the Responsible Parties.

County ordinances and state statutes impose strict timelines for the effective filing of hospital liens. This, along with the complexity and distinctions across jurisdictions, makes it burdensome and time-consuming for even the most experienced patient account representatives. We at Abril Law offer the support necessary to address these claims, negotiate with responsible payors and their counsel, and otherwise allow your representatives to focus on more productive endeavors.

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